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Education is something serious. We believe in providing the best in-town, not only with the best, but also from the best.​ It all starts with a solid and reliable foundation.​

Imagine an accessible STEM program from the world's best engineering universities for young elites. Here at tramplus, it is in your reach.

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Why tramplus?

Ding Ding has served Hong Kong and its people since 1904, and in addition to being part of your daily commutes, we are bringing our industrial expertise to the next generation of engineers and problem-solvers. From AI to VR to 3D modelling and more, we let students learn hands-on and in real-world contexts.


What if students can learn from the people who live and breathe STEM?

This is tramplus. This is STEM in reality.

 Transportation to Education 

Education is our mission, passion and raison d'être. We believe in popularizing the best and most cutting-edge teaching practices, so students learn best in-class content through best in-world experiences.

 Local to Global 

Our goal is to help students learn from a global perspective and develop problem solving skills, empowering young talents to turn their creativity into innovation that we can realize throughout RATP's global network.

 Learners to Pioneers 

Delivering the STEM experiences that are already available does not make us content, so we partner with leading educators and engineers to craft courses that truly prepare students for the future. 

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Our students

Our education programs are tailor-made for schools with different learning objectives. Programs will be conducted in different difficulty levels and medium of instructions according to students' capability and interests. So far, around 200 students have attended our programs with positive feedback.

Student Work

Created by Castro, Casey Jovany Tuquib
Rosaryhill Secondary School 

and more...

"Students told me that they enjoyed the whole workshop a lot! It's our pleasure to join the program, which is very meaningful and inspiring for both my students and myself. We look forward to joining the next tramplus program!"

Mr. Leung, Rosaryhill School

Tram + more!


tramplus is a member of RATP Dev Group, one of the world's largest and fastest-growing transportation leaders with 100+ subsidiaries spread over 14 countries, serving 16 million passengers every day. We operate trams, self-driving transport systems, buses, railways, information systems, and we are even developing flying taxis and smart cities. Empowered by this expertise, tramplus courses cover practical topics based on real-life examples that are guaranteed to resonate with students.


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