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STEM with Tram Bootcamp

Get a taste of everyday engineering, sustainable energy, app development, and coding in this special bootcamp from us!


In this online course with hands-on activities, students can explore different aspects of real-life engineering as they put together a solar-powered tram model, and think about what can be done about Hong Kong’s carbon footprint. Students will even get to dip their toes in app development by creating a prototype app, and explore the future of self-driving vehicles in a code-along exercise using MIT’s Scratch coding language.

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Day 1 (2-hour)
Tram engineering

Think about the past and present of engineering as you put together a solar-powered tram kit, and brainstorm what the future of tram could look like.

Day 2 (2-hour)
Energy sustainability

Learn about the future of energy generation and conservation as you examine Hong Kong’s energy mix, and think about how we can live a more sustainable life.

Day 3 (3-hour)
Design your own app for HK Tram

Move on to the software side of STEM as we try to design a better app for HK Tramways and learn about User Experience design skills.

Day 4 (3-hour)
Explore self-driving car logic with MIT Scratch

Get a basic look at how self-driving cars will work in the future, through a code-along exercise using MIT’s Scratch coding language, designed specifically for education.