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STEM with Tram Bootcamp

Get a taste of everyday engineering, sustainable energy, app development, and coding in this special bootcamp from us!


In this online course with hands-on activities, students can explore different aspects of real-life engineering as they put together a solar-powered tram model, and think about what can be done about Hong Kong’s carbon footprint. Students will even get to dip their toes in app development by creating a prototype app, and explore the future of self-driving vehicles in a code-along exercise using MIT’s Scratch coding language.

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Day 1 (2-hour)
Tram engineering

Think about the past and present of engineering as you put together a solar-powered tram kit, and brainstorm what the future of tram could look like.

Day 2 (2-hour)
Energy sustainability

Learn about the future of energy generation and conservation as you examine Hong Kong’s energy mix, and think about how we can live a more sustainable life.

Day 3 (3-hour)
Design your own app for HK Tram

Move on to the software side of STEM as we try to design a better app for HK Tramways and learn about User Experience design skills.

Day 4 (3-hour)
Explore self-driving car logic with MIT Scratch

Get a basic look at how self-driving cars will work in the future, through a code-along exercise using MIT’s Scratch coding language, designed specifically for education.

Target Students

F.1-3 / G.7-9 / Y.8-10

No coding experience needed

P.4-6 / G.4-6 / Y.5-7 

Parental guidance and prior Scratch coding experience are required

Date & Time

10-hour in total 

Medium of Instruction

English, supplemented in Cantonese

What's included in each cohort

Online Interactive Workshop

DIY Solar-powered Tram Technology Kit

Certificate of Completion


Full Price    HKD 4,580 / person


Meet Our Instructor
Joseph Lin

Joseph is a specialist in EdTech and Gifted Education, with a MSc in Digital Education from the University of Edinburgh in addition to his MA and BA from CUHK.


Having worked on education projects for the European Union’s Centre for Global Affairs, RTHK, CUHK, LCSD, Jockey Club Charities Trust, The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education, and more, he now brings his passion for teaching to tramplus as a teacher and instructional designer.

  • When will I receive the DIY Tram Technology Kit?
    It will be delivered by courier to doorstep with the postal address you registered on our website around 1 week prior to the start of the bootcamp.
  • Does my child need any basic knowledge or prerequisite?
    No experience is expected or needed. Prior knowledge of MIT Scratch is an advantage but not necessary.
  • Who is the instructor and what qualifications does the instructor have?
    Our instructor of the Early Summer Bootcamp is Mr. Joseph Lin. Joseph is a specialist in EdTech and Gifted Education, with a MSc in Digital Education from the University of Edinburgh in addition to his MA and BA from CUHK. Having worked on education projects for the European Union’s Centre for Global Affairs, RTHK, CUHK, LCSD, Jockey Club Charities Trust, The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education, and more, he now brings his passion for teaching to tramplus as a teacher and instructional designer.
  • What devices do I need to attend this Bootcamp?
    Laptop with web access is needed. Please note tablets (such as iPads) and smartphones cannot be used to access course activities in full.
  • What is the DIY Tram Technology Kit?
    It is a solar-powered double-decker tram model with Guinness World Record Tram Ad as visual design. The visual includes different generation of destination panels, entailing story and history of tram in one design.
  • Will joining this Bootcamp benefit me for future tramplus courses?
    Joining this bootcamp will enable you to be eligible for a promo code to be redeemed for future tramplus courses. Keep an eye out on your email once the bootcamp ends!
  • What online platform will the Bootcamp be conducted at?
    The Bootcamp will be conducted at Gather. Gather is a video chat platform designed to make virtual interactions more human. Detailed instruction and the platform access will be provided a week prior to the class by reminder emails.
  • Is the Bootcamp refundable?
    No. The classes are not refundable, unless a valid Medical Exemption Certificate is presented exempting the child for ALL 4 sessions of the respective cohort.
  • What is the certification and attendance policy?
    Students who have attended at least 2 of our 4 sessions of their registered cohort can receive a certificate of completion. A digital copy of the certificate will be issued within 1 month upon completion. Students can also request for a hard copy.
  • Accounting for Learning Differences (Personalised Difficulty Levels)
    As part of our mission to make world-class STEM education accessible to all, TramPlus classes do not require any pre-assessment or existing STEM knowledge from students. Instead, to account for different students’ abilities, lesson tasks and achievement levels are highly flexible so that every student can perform at the level that is right for them. For example, beginner students proposing an app to introduce tourists to landmarks along the tram route may create non-functional mockups to accompany their presentation. Students with more prior knowledge, meanwhile, may create a functioning prototype using professional development tools. Or, when proposing a way to cool down tram cabins, beginners may just explain the basic physics principles behind their idea, while stronger learners may use calculations and scaled-down experiments to prove that their solutions can work in practice.
  • Problem-based learning (PBL)
    PBL has been described as “the most innovative instructional method…in the history of education” (Hung et al.). Originally developed to help medical students solve problems in clinical settings, it has since been adapted to other subjects so that students can learn more critically, creatively, and practically by focusing on real-life problems that matter to them. PBL is in every part of our lesson design, as we contextualise every lesson we teach in the form of a real-life problem that students may try to solve with help from our teachers. As students understand, analyse, and explain the problem in their own words, they gain critical thinking and language skills that combine with hands-on learning experiences to create a dynamic and relevant learning experience.
  • Online, Offline, Blended and Flipped Learning"
    Learn at Your Own Speed, Learn Anywhere, Learn Anything The progress of knowledge waits for no one and cannot be slowed down by school closures or other inconveniences, that’s why TramPlus offers multiple teaching formats to suit all needs. In case an in-person course is delayed by unforeseen circumstance, schools may reschedule their booking at no cost, or choose to move the lessons online. Furthermore, in partnership with HKUST, we are proud to offer an online learning platform with access to curated learning materials that are chosen to fit our courses, so that students may continue to deepen their learning or find the catch-up help they need to succeed.
  • Learning by Doing (Craftsmanship)
    There is no better way to test whether you have learned something than to actually do it. Learning by doing is an educational theory that encourages children to adapt and learn from their environment, by making learning experiences true to reality. Instead of learning in make-believe situations or through made-up examples, teachers “present real-life problems to the children and then guide the students to solve the problem by providing them with a hands-on activity to learn the solution” (Hickman). Drawing from our engineering culture, all TramPlus lessons devote at least 2/3 of the time to “workshop” and “presentation” sessions where the focus is not on the teacher, but on the students. Instead of watching videos or listening to a lecture about how an idea works, students can use their own hands to find out how things work - and how to make things work - so that the lessons are truly remembered.
  • Information
    Deadline for Submission 31 May 2022 (Tuesday) Judging Criteria Innovation and Creativity (25%) The uniqueness, creativity and originality of the project from an artistic perspective Art and Technology (25%) The effectiveness of technology infusion to enhance the artwork The level of complexity of the usage of design tools Relevancy of Theme (30%) The concept reflected on the piece, and its connection to theme of Smart City Clarity and Quality (20%) The collection stands on outstanding work of art Panel of Judges The Panel of Judges is comprised of representatives of tramplus, HK Tramways and online workshop speakers. They will select the winning works and give ratings according to the above judging criteria. Announcement of Results The results decided by the Panel of Judges will be announced on this website in June. Winners will be notified individually to receive their awards. Award Presentation Ceremony Details will be announced in due course.
  • 比賽目的
    啟發學生對未來城市的想像 - 透過設計有關智慧城市的元素,重新構想科技對公共交通工具及日常生活的影響,以至培養對城市可持續發展的興趣 推動學界藝術發展 - 鼓勵科技業界與學界直接交流,並為中小學提供珍貴的戶外展示平台,共同為學生提供富豐的學習及發展機會 發掘學生的STEAM潛能 - 透過推廣數碼藝術(digital art),鼓勵學生發揮無限創意,並將科技結合藝術 涵接國際科創熱潮 - 透過「動手做」,讓學生輕鬆愉快地學習基礎的 NFT 設計知識及區塊鏈(blockchain)概念,擴闊科創視野
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