3D Modelling & Design Challenge


Program Introduction

This Program is a simplified version of a HKUST foundation Program for first year engineering students. This Program aims at providing students experiential learning experience through exposing students to knowledge and skills from different engineering disciplines. Students in this Program will be divided into design teams, and each team will use their acquired knowledge and skills to design a model of a technology-enhanced indoor space.

Our 20-hour program is professionally designed by HKUST. 

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Program Objectives

The Program will take a flipped classroom approach with hands-on studio interaction where students will follow the engineering design process of professional engineering through each stage of the design cycle and build on knowledge introduced in other Programs. Students will be presented with a partly defined problem and constraints.

Through online learning platform and with the aid of Student Technical Advisors (STA) from senior year engineering students, students will ideate and construct prototypes, develop potential alternatives, select a solution, assess the results, and refine their solution.

Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs)

Understand foundation concepts and applications of BLENDER

Apply the knowledge and skills acquired to a design project

Design and implement the project by working collaboratively in a team setting

Explore possible innovative engineering solutions via experiential learning and self-initiated, blended learning processes

Present and demonstrate their projects by use of 3D softwares

Deliverables by tramplus


Provision of “Certificate of Completion” for students with satisfactory performance


Provision of program facilitators for each program

(1:10 portion)


Provision of online program solution as contingency for alternative teaching mode

Students' Work


Our 20-hour program is professionally designed by HKUST. 


Professor Ben Yui-bun CHAN
Director of Center for Engineering Education Innovation

We are excited to launch our partnership with tramplus. Together, we will share insights about STEM education with students all over Hong Kong. 3D modelling has become a key skill applied to an array of industries. As the era of "Metaverse" is approaching, 3D modelling application will only become ever more important. Design firms and movie studios used to spend millions of US dollars just on creating a simple 3D model, but now our students are able to do the same in just a few hours.

Mr. Nixon CHEUNG
General Manager, tramplus

Entering an era of science and technological innovation, we firmly believe that STEM knowledge will become a global pass connecting us with the world. While working with an elite team of HKUST, we look forward to equipping our primary and secondary school students with versatile technological knowledge, and nurturing our talented I&T younger generation. In the end, the program will be able to benefit all students who envision to pursue their studies in engineering or build a career path in the “Metaverse” innovation industry.