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tramplus x MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node

Design for Sustainable Urban Mobility Program

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Program Introduction

2 STEAM powerhouses – MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node and Tramplus – co-developed a STEAM education program that promotes sustainability and circular design. This Program aims at introducing the methodology of Design Thinking, a methodology to facilitate participants to initiate thoughts and actions for people and industry, an experiential learning experience through a mind and hand journey with class discussion, guided group work and hands-on experience to strengthen learning outcomes.
Students in this Program will be immersed in interactive session and group presentation, where they can remix others’ ideas, provide constructive peer feedback and explore various sources of inspiration into design teams, in order to develop people-centric solutions, with lookalike or workalike prototype to demonstrate the proposed solution.


Key Thematic Issues Explore

  • Transportation system efficiency in time, cost, and energy

  • Smart city infrastructure and digital tools undergirding sustainable urban mobility 

  • Effective and innovative ways to encourage people to take public transport

  • Improvement in the comfort, health, and wellbeing of passengers on HK Tramways

  • Balance between Tramways’ heritage conservation and sustainable development

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Our 20-hour program is professionally designed and taught by MIT Node certified experts. 

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Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs)

Understand foundation concepts and applications covered by different engineering disciplines

Apply the knowledge and skills acquired to a design project

Design and implement the project by working collaboratively in a team setting

Explore possible innovative engineering solutions via experiential learning and self-initiated, blended learning processes

Present and demonstrate their projects orally and in writing

Deliverables by tramplus


Provision of “Certificate of Completion” for students with satisfactory performance


Provision of program facilitators for each program

(1:10 portion)


Provision of online program solution as contingency for alternative teaching mode

The world-leading program for the world's future leaders


Dr. Charleston SIN
Executive Director, MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node

Since 2015, the MIT Node has focused on cultivating the innovation capabilities of MIT students. Through this unique partnership with tramplus, we can now extend our impact on strengthening the region’s innovation ecosystem by formulating teaching kits for secondary schools for the first time. We very much look forward to joining hands with tramplus in melding our institution’s top art, science and engineering education methodology with their technical prowess and craftsmanship in local STEAM education. We hope to empower local students and provide them with more platforms and opportunities to shine and innovate.


Mr. Nixon CHEUNG
General Manager, tramplus

We feel privileged that tramplus has become the strategic STEAM partner of MIT Node in the field of sustainability and mobility. We look forward to witnessing a perfect integration of the century-old born-in-Hong Kong craftsmanship and engineering wisdom with the teaching philosophy of MIT Node, so as to nurture our younger generations’ STEAM mindset with futuristic topics.

Highlights - Smart City & Innovation Scholarship

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