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NFT設計入門 Intro to NFT Design Basics

一起跟本地 NFT 設計師 Jessica Chu 學習基礎 NFT 設計!除了閱讀本文,亦歡迎你收看 Jessica 早前於《學界Tram+ NFT Hackathon 2022》網上研討會的即席分享!

Let's learn some basics of NFT from Jessica Chu, a local NFT creator and art director.

Tired of reading? Watch Jessica's step-by-step demo at tramplus YouTube Channel (in Cantonese).

什麼是NFT?What's NFT?

NFT 指「非同質化代幣」,為英文Non-Fungible Token的簡稱。NFT是一種被稱為「區塊鏈」數碼帳本上的數據單位,有別於一般同質化的「加密貨幣」,由於相片、影片、聲音等形式的作品具創意獨特性,NFT被稱為「非同質化」。


NFT stands for non-fungible tokens. They are special digital assets that consist of digital data recorded in a blockchain. Because NFTs are uniquely identifiable, they differ from cryptocurrencies, which are fungible. NFTs typically contain references to digital files such as photos, videos, and audio.

Since blockchain is traceable and unalterable, some people deem NFTs as virtual assets whose ownership can be transferred, sold and traded by the owners, creating market values associated with the digital files they reference.

設計NFT的第一步 Where to start?

NFT 沒有特定的藝術規範。縱使藝術業界對NFT的興起持有不同意見,近年世界各地的博物館、畫廊及拍畫行都紛紛開設平台專門推廣、展示、甚至銷售NFT,令NFT越見普及化。


There is no rule on the style of NFT. Although there is heated industry discussion over the surge of NFT, more and more museums, galleries and auction brokers are setting up new platforms specialised in promoting, displaying or even trading NFTs, making NFTs more accessible to the general public globally than ever before.

We recommend students to choose whatever styles they like to start their creation. By planning ahead and identifying why and where you would like your work to be published, students can narrow down options and pick the right style. Indeed, NFT art is very dynamic that it can be pixel art, 3D models file, music video or even selfies and more! In this article, In this article, we will focus talking about generative art, one of the most popular system of NFT art creation.

什麼是衍生藝術 ? What's generative art?


Bored Apes 及 CryptoPunks系列是世界知名的衍生藝術NFT藏品之一。

Generative art, also known as algorithmic art and synthetic media, refers to art that has wholly or partially been created with the use of an autonomous system, meaning that the artwork consists of features that are non-humanly be determined. Bored Apes and CryptoPunks are some world-famous examples of NFT collections developed based on such a system.

學習利用程式創作NFT! Design your own generative NFT!


  1. 組件的數目

  2. 組件的種類(如:主體、配件、背景)

  3. 組件的變化程度(如:顏色、形狀)

Assuming that you plan to create artwork of 2D profile images and you will be using a generator which can be easily found online. Since the generator will assemble different attributes in different combinations to generate a collection of artwork, you will first need to create a selection of attributes by determining

  1. No. of attributes

  2. Nature of each attribute (e.g. body, accessory, background)

  3. Variations of each attribute (e.g. color, shape)


Next, create a design master file for each attribute. Create a folder (e.g. tram body) for each attribute. Then, make multiple copies of each attribute and apply variations to further save them as new files (e.g. tram body_green, tram body_red). Remember to arrange and rename files in a systematic way so that the generator can correctly put them back in your desired order.

4個必讀設計Tips!4 Tips you must know!

  1. 確保同類組件的檔案大小一樣

  2. 確保所有組件擁有透明背景,並儲存作PNG

  3. 正確地排序組件文件夾

  4. 決定各組件的稀有度

設計師都在用什麼軟件? What tools do creators usually use?

有適合學生使用的設計軟件嗎? I'm a student, are there any free resources for creating digital art?


Yes, there're a number of free tools with comprehensive design functions. Indeed, some of them may even be more user-friendly for beginners! Remember, your ideas are always more important than the softwares you use!

英文介面 English medium:

中文介面 Chinese medium:

如何發布我的NFT創作? Where can I publish my work?


Win a chance to be featured on the next tram body and even be developed as HK Tramways' first official NFT Art Collection by joining the HK's first "Interschool Tram+ NFT Design Competition" !


Note: The article is for reference and non-commercial use only. Should you have any comments, please feel free to email to


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