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What's Solarpunk?

Try to picture this: a future city in 2050, with advanced smart technology and a sustainable urban design. What do you picture?


There is no need to wonder, because a genre depicts this future scenery perfectly: Solarpunk. As a new phenomenon in literature and media, it illustrates a sustainable and smart future city with lustrous greenery and modern architecture.


Although no one knows what the future holds, our actions now will shape how the future will be. Let's build a better future with us today by learning more about urban planning and sustainability!

有無諗過依個無限可能會係由你嘅子女一手開創?即刻 follow,畀子女從小接觸科技知識,激發無窮嘅創意同潛力,同我哋攜手建立屬於下一代嘅智慧城市啦!


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